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Parenthood – the first 3 months

Posted 24 Oct 2012 — by cheersphilip
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Statement of intent

Posted 19 Sep 2012 — by cheersphilip
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Okay, pretty infrequent updates lately, but things have settled down now, so I ‘m going to look into writing some browser based game reviews!

I love BBG’s, and just want to write down how I feel about the ones I’ve played, so, there it is, coming up. Just as soon as I watch this playthrough of Shadow of the Colossuss


Now what?!

Posted 03 Aug 2012 — by cheersphilip
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So I completely missed any posts for July. Obviously, really, as I’ve had other things on my mind:


And I’ve also managed to get myself a proper job, which starts later in the month, so yay.

Which all leaves me, at the moment, wondering what the hell I’m going to do with this blog, website et al.

So I could:

  • scrap the lot
  • carry on writing randomly
  • rethink the whole thing and write about something specific, which could be either:
    1. write about my adventures in game design
    2. write about my adventures in parenting
    3. both (I.e. pretty much just back to random again)
  • pare it back to a regular WordPress site
  • break it down into a hand-coded blog thing (do-able, but yikes!)
  • bung all my old versions of my websites into some kind of portfolio/archive type deal and not have a blog
  • the above, but instead of blogging, just post a lot to Google+

Guess I’ll just have to think this one through : P


Shelf schmelf

Posted 15 Jun 2012 — by cheersphilip
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Been a while , so I thought I’d upload these pics of a shelf I made yesterday :)




Time moves quicker in a montage!

Posted 23 Feb 2012 — by cheersphilip
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As threatened, here is the montage of all the shots I have taken of the rear of the house since we first bought it, right up until us moving in last week. Enjoy!

Fast Tube

(YouTube seems to have removed the dissolve transition. oh well.) you can download it for smoother playing by clicking on this internal link: calthorpe quick montage