Calendar Series #1

This is the first of a series of pages i wrote earlier this year. 

I wanted to inspire myself to complete something, to follow-up on something that I believed in.

hence, I produced the scheme, bleow,  which, whilst not technically done on a typewriter, sets the scene for the following typewritten pages.

The numbers across the top are the dates of the month that I started in. MTWTFSS are obviously the first letters of the days of the week.

The challenge I set myself was to produce a page each day, numbering them according to the date (19, 20, 21 etc.).

The first word of each page would be the one written in the box for that day.

So, for Monday the 19th the first word would be ‘I’. For Thursday the 13th the first word would be (fittingly enough), ‘pointless’.

Got it? Okay, the first page will follow shortly.

Cheers, Philip

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