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Posted 23 May 2010 in diary

Hooray! Another interview tomorrow! And this time the mini lesson is everyone’s favourite – scales of production!! The one you’ve all been waiting for!!!!

Or perhaps not.

This is going to be a real challenge. There’s not much you can do in 25 minutes that engages students with the dull facts about one-off, batch and mass production. And tomorrow I will be demonstrating that fact.

What I’m thinking of at the moment is a brief intro to outline the different scales, pointing out that the students have already done one-offs. This will be followed by a ‘batch production’ exercise, where each table will try to produce as many of a given product (not sure about this – paper planes? Birthday cards?) in a given time. Each person on the table will have a different job, in a production line type set-up. Whoever produces the most (insert product here) wins!

We then round up by questioning what we would need to make our batch production line into a mass production one, with the likely answer being something like having a machine to do it all for you. Of course that means that most of the students on each table will lose their jobs, but that’s the way of the world, kids!

So far so nebulous, and I really need to pin down what we would make – my wife has a set of printing blocks and ink pads, so I’ll most likely take those along. What are we going to print? I don’t want paper planes flying around the room, and birthday cards don;t have enough challenge in them…

The search continues.




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