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Posted 28 Dec 2010 in Uncategorized

Merry post-christmas sluggishness to you all!

After having a think about what’s going on with this blog, and having had a look at other blogs around that deal mainly with education and whatnot, I’ve basically decided that everyone else is much better than I am at writing informed articles with well researched, balanced viewpoints and that I should bow out before someone spots how much of a plonker I am.

Therefore, Cranial Compost will go back to its roots (shallow though they may be), and continue with the utter-nonsense-stream-of-consciousness stuff that it started with, while the more ‘edublog’ stuff can go onto a blog on mrwatson.info – because I do have the occasional lucid thought.

That means that mrwatson.info will be my professional face, with the consulting etc., whilst philipwatson.co.uk becomes more of a playground, as it always has been, really.

All this to be actioned within the next couple of days!




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