Air Source Heat Pump noise?

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Posted 02 Jan 2012 in diary

As we’ve basically been just tidying up, hoovering and putting floorboards into place today – and this does not equal a fascinating photograph – I thought I’d put up (an equally riveting) video of the air source heat pump working so that you can see how noisy it is.

This is a point of contention, as we had to submit a planning application for the pump, which includes a large fan, as local councils are not really sure what they are yet. Of course a bloke came round to put up a poster on the fence announcing the application, then helpfully went round to all our neighbours to tell them that he didn’t know what an ASHP was, but that we were having put a planning application in because it was very noisy – thanks, mate.

So three of our neighbours lodged objections. Three other neighbours, who know what an ASHP is, lodged recommendations. Four months and about fifty man hours later the application was accepted, on the condition that we erect a fence that uses noise-reducing material. This you can see in the video.

All in all, the fence does reduce the noise, but even when you’re standing right in front of it, it still makes less noise than the outlet from an oil-fired boiler, which is the norm for this part of the world.

Just keep saying to yourself: “The oil’s not running out, the oil’s not running out…”


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