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Air Source Heat Pump noise?

Posted 02 Jan 2012 — by cheersphilip
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As we’ve basically been just tidying up, hoovering and putting floorboards into place today – and this does not equal a fascinating photograph – I thought I’d put up (an equally riveting) video of the air source heat pump working so that you can see how noisy it is.

This is a point of contention, as we had to submit a planning application for the pump, which includes a large fan, as local councils are not really sure what they are yet. Of course a bloke came round to put up a poster on the fence announcing the application, then helpfully went round to all our neighbours to tell them that he didn’t know what an ASHP was, but that we were having put a planning application in because it was very noisy – thanks, mate.

So three of our neighbours lodged objections. Three other neighbours, who know what an ASHP is, lodged recommendations. Four months and about fifty man hours later the application was accepted, on the condition that we erect a fence that uses noise-reducing material. This you can see in the video.

All in all, the fence does reduce the noise, but even when you’re standing right in front of it, it still makes less noise than the outlet from an oil-fired boiler, which is the norm for this part of the world.

Just keep saying to yourself: “The oil’s not running out, the oil’s not running out…”

Fast Tube


Heat pump noise

Posted 02 Jan 2012 — by cheersphilip
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Checking the noise levels of my Air Source Heat Pump fan. The fence has a noise-reducing material on it to Read More



Posted 07 Jun 2011 — by cheersphilip
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man at work

We scavenged some fence panels (thanks Lucy!), spent an age working out how it was going to work, another age working out why it wasn’t working the way we wanted to work, a third age wrenching the panels apart so that we could start from scratch, and about twenty minutes putting up this lovely section of panels, thanks to the lend of a nail gun by one of our neighbours (thanks Martin!).

In other news nothing has happened with the air source heat pump, by which I mean no decision has been reached. In the background the parish council have not objected and someone from environmental health (!) came round to look at where it will go. It feels like it might actually make case history, as no-one has had to deal with an objection on a heat pump before. The quest continues.

On a lighter note, this little fella landed just in front of where the nail gun was aiming, then decided to stick around for a while:


building work week 3

Posted 27 Mar 2011 — by cheersphilip
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Hooray – some bricks are beginning to appear! We’re into week three now, the foundations have gone in (thanks for the good weather) and footings are starting to rise.

More bricks will be delivered on Monday and work will continue apace.

In other news, the planning application for our air source heat pump has reached the stage where neighbours have been informed of our intentions. A man came round from the council to tell everyone that we want to install something that is noisy. Thanks. ┬áThe man didn’t seem to know what an ASHP was. Great.

Shortly after this our mystery neighbours turned up – we have been here a year and not seen them, as it is their holiday home. An elderly couple they informed us that we should not waver from our reliance on fossil fuels, so that they can maintain occasional use of their garden without interruption. These are the sort of people that I have to thank for me not being able to retire until I am over 70. Bizarre also that we had to keep stopping our conversation with them due to traffic noise. They politely but firmly informed us that they will be objecting to our application.

It got us thinking, though, how loud are these things? We are planning to have a Mitsubishi Eco Dan, the market leader and our salesperson informs us that it is very quiet. Also, it won’t be on for more than an hour a day in summer, which is the time for sitting outside.

We are waiting for more info from Mitsubishi, and a contact from our installer for someone to go and visit to see for ourselves, with our neighbours, how loud these things are.

The fun continues!


building work started!

Posted 07 Mar 2011 — by cheersphilip
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Hooray – building work started today on our lovely cottage. Should take about 5 months before we move in. Chris, our builder, had a look around, getting familiar with the place, forming a plan and writing a shopping list. The mini-digger arrives tomorrow. The electrician came along and cut out all the wires so that they wouldn’t get in the way later.

What we’re having done is not a massive amount – the white wooden outhouse in the photo is being pulled down and replaced by a more solid construction, and slightly longer. Same round the other side of the house. Inside is being renovated and a heating system – air source heat pump – being fitted.

Oh, and the upstairs window in this photo is being replaced by two windows.