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Posted 07 Jun 2011 — by cheersphilip
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man at work

We scavenged some fence panels (thanks Lucy!), spent an age working out how it was going to work, another age working out why it wasn’t working the way we wanted to work, a third age wrenching the panels apart so that we could start from scratch, and about twenty minutes putting up this lovely section of panels, thanks to the lend of a nail gun by one of our neighbours (thanks Martin!).

In other news nothing has happened with the air source heat pump, by which I mean no decision has been reached. In the background the parish council have not objected and someone from environmental health (!) came round to look at where it will go. It feels like it might actually make case history, as no-one has had to deal with an objection on a heat pump before. The quest continues.

On a lighter note, this little fella landed just in front of where the nail gun was aiming, then decided to stick around for a while: