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The Final Word on Games

Posted 31 Oct 2010 — by cheersphilip
Category Rant, thought

Okay, so I totally backed out of the promise I made to myself of writing a little piece about how computer games might be useful or even good for you.

What happened was, I got too involved in playing damn games. I try not to beat myself up about this, but the fact is that I have now spent an amount of time playing games that, in retrospect, I would rather have spent doing something else.

I have nothing to show for my game playing other than tiredness and a nagging feeling that I will never get that time back.

I enjoy games while I’m playing them. I think. But there are other things that I enjoy more, surely?

Whilst writing the last post, Notes on Addiction, I got to the point of talking about making games, so that’s what I did – i downloaded a couple of games creators – - and they were good.

However, and this is really the crux of the matter, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them.

I thought about doing something ‘educational’ or based around the school I work in, but that is just lazy thinking and does not stand up to scrutiny by the simple question ‘why?’ So I shelved that as well.

The final word is that, yes, games are interesting and, yes, they can be an amusing diversion for a while, but when you’ve got as many things to do as I have – and now that I look at them, I think ‘these are interesting, cool things that I’ve wanted to do for ages’ – then I’m probably best off doing them first.



Addicted to Trash

Posted 29 Aug 2010 — by cheersphilip
Category diary, thought

I have a confession to make – I am addicted to free online Flash games.

I can’t stop playing them, every moment I get. I love playing them, but when I finish playing them I feel somehow lessened and unfulfilled, as if I’d just been stuck in traffic for hours.

This has not gone unnoticed by my ever-loving wife, who has pointed out that this may be some sort of diversion strategy. In fact, she has wisely pointed out that I may find myself being more fulfilled by, perhaps, cleaning the house or, just maybe, cooking us our dinner, or even – who knows? – doing some shopping.

Now, a couple of days ago my wife and I were musing over the possibility that we don’t have anything that stimulates us mentally. Having just completed her degree, and not considering herself an intellectual, she was surprised to find herself enjoying her dissertation. We decided to do a little essay each over the next fortnight. We will choose a topic, research it and write up our findings. The results will be presented to each other one evening over a bottle of wine.

So, having found this quirk in my character that enables me to eschew my responsibilities and focus only a 17″ screen for hours on end, I’ve chosen to investigate the psycho-physiological effects of video gaming.

Results will be, undoubtedly be posted here in a fortnight.

Game on!

PS: God only knows what my life would be like if I’d ever ventured into serious MMRPG games such as Halo, World of Warcraft and others… you would literally never hear from me again!


Calendar Series #8 of 8

Posted 23 Dec 2009 — by cheersphilip
Category diary, Ideas, Rant, Stories, thought, Typewriter Bubble

I finally cave on day 8 of the Calendar series! Check #1 to see what I was trying to do :)

Merry Christmas one and all xx

Click on the image to see it more clearly


Jenga, or:When do i get around to inventing something?

Posted 09 Oct 2009 — by cheersphilip
Category Rant

So i’m looking around the internet, playing games with myself and coming to terms with thte fact that my time is ‘my own’ (with all the good & bad that implies) when i start to realise that i’m not actualy inventing anything at the moment.

I’ve tried to justify this to people i know – everyone alway asks ‘what have you invented?’ – and all i can say is that i have several things in development. this is true – i have a number of ideas about specific products or concepts, that have not YET turned into inventions. so where does the invention start?

I guess i really need to meet other inventors to find this out, as at the moment i am not having any Eureka moments. Previously they have happened in the course of my days, but after chucking in my ‘normal days’ and winging it as a full time inventor, those Eureka moments are not forthcoming, although i am trying to create as fertile a soil as i can.

Don;t get me wrong, what i do have is a lot of flexibility to explore ANY angle that i chose: evolution; quantum physics; magnets; lead flashing on roofs; pyramid power; backk supports; design exhibitions; etc. However, what mostly happens is that i do a lot of filing and tidying up.

Sad thing is my desk isn;t even that tidy!

Maybe that’s an indication that things aren’t as bad as i think. Its early days yet, and i have plenty of things to keep me occupied whilst i sneak up on a Eureka :)

Have listened to CreativeMaverick’s interview of Leslie Scott. She invented Jenga (awesome) and i’m very pleased to have heard her talk about her experiences with Intellectual Property and her advice for would-be inventors. So let’s keep going!

I think the main worry is that i’m going to distract myself from doing serious work. I guess all home-workers experience this, so i take heart from that. I guess i can ask myself if everything i do is suporting where i want to be.

For example: i have completed a prototype product for money – good; I am replacing a fridge in my in-laws home – not so good. Lets limit the things that don’t support inventing, and encourage the things that do.

BUT WAIT! What if i fix the fridge for my in-laws, and come across some awful thing that prevents me doing something essential, and have a Eureka moment?! I don’t know!

Guess i’ll just keep on keeping on for now.