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Yay. Windows.

Posted 06 Feb 2012 — by cheersphilip
Category diary

The snow is snowing, and we finally have windows on our extension!
It’s not quite over yet though – the windows don’t have any glass in :)

I think they look rather spiffing!


Progress is sweet

Posted 01 Feb 2012 — by cheersphilip
Category diary

Well, things are being done, and although the part of the cottage that you can see in this picture is still not finished, we might make an attempt to camp out there this weekend :)

We’ve had a breeze-block wall taken down and replaced with bricks, which is nice

We’ve had tiles laid on the kitchen floor, so that is coming together. 

And yesterday i took delivery of three and a half tonnes of gravel, so that’s all been laid out, which makes it look like a proper house, not just a building site!


Carry on carrying on

Posted 13 Jan 2012 — by cheersphilip
Category diary

Work is progressing, and the garden room now looks fantastic!

There haven;t been any pics for a couple of weeks, as i have been at home with my head down, looking for work. As a result I haven’t been round to the house before dark.

Last week we had a hiccup with external walls being questioned by all and sundry. Much talk later, it looks like its going to be sorted out. Unbelievable that this wasn’t picked up six months ago when the walls were built, but I guess thats the way it crumbles.

I have just spent forty minutes on the phone to BT arranging for the phone lines to be sorted out, so it looks like we are getting closer and closer to… the end!!!

Oh yes, and here’s where I put a nail through a water pipe :S


A roof at last

Posted 01 Jan 2012 — by cheersphilip
Category diary


Yay. Felt roof now on and battened down to see off the ravages of winter. Lovely job.

We also attacked the garden with a proper digger and everything (sorry neighbours), which resulted in a completely different look for the house and has given us loads more space in the garden.






Yes! Progress!

Posted 21 Dec 2011 — by cheersphilip
Category diary


So chuffed that the garden room is finally underway! Yes!